The 2018 CFC Has Officially Been Extended to February 22, 2019

Valued Nonprofit Members:

We last reached out to you with a CFC update on January 24, one day before the partial government shutdown ended. Here is the latest you should know:

  • The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has published CFC Memorandum 2019-03, which extends the 2018 solicitation period through Friday, February 22, 2019.
  • What this means:
    • Federal and military personnel are still able to donate through the 2018 CFC through February 22. Donors may pledge through the CFC’s online giving portal or by submitting a paper pledge form.
    • Solicitations and promotional efforts in the workplace are authorized to continue during this period, however major CFC events will not be held in the federal workplace unless they were planned prior to the shutdown; previously planned campaign closing events, recognition events, and awards ceremonies will be held but no new events will take place. We will send out any event notifications that are relevant as we receive them.
    • Final payment on 2017 CFC pledges will be delayed until the pay period following such time that employees receive their back pay. Please keep this in mind when reviewing 2017 pledges vs. payment issued by America’s Charities; we have yet to receive final 2017 payment that would have been issued on January 15, had the shutdown not occurred.  
    • At this time, we have been told payment on 2018 CFC pledges will be issued late this spring, and will run through January 2020. This is in keeping with America’s Charities’ normal payment schedule.

Please join us in broadcasting the CFC extension as widely as possible!

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