Employer FAQs

Click on the category below to view answers to common questions we receive from companies and campaign coordinators:

Donation drives, fundraisers, matching gifts, and volunteerism

  1. How do I match employee donations?

    America’s Charities Powered by Causecast online giving tool can facilitate your company’s matching gift program, complete with reports to help your company track results and dashboards to help employees know how much matching gift money they are eligible for and have utilized. Click here to tell us about your matching gift program objectives and to request a demo.

  2. How do I hold a donation drive, fundraiser, or contribute in-kind donations?

    When donating goods, it’s important to make sure the items you’re donating align with what the nonprofit needs. The best way to do that is to connect directly with the nonprofit you’re supporting to find out what donations would be most helpful. 

    America’s Charities Powered by Causecast can facilitate your company’s fundraising and crowdfunding needs, along with management of in-kind gifts and connecting you with our nonprofit members to ensure you collect items they need. We also suggest holding a donation drive that provides employees the option to donate money. Click here to tell us about your in-kind giving/donation drive/fundraiser needs. 

  3. How do I get help managing volunteer events and tracking results for my company’s employees?​ ​

    America’s Charities Powered by Causecast empowers employers to inspire employee participation in volunteer events, while providing the employer an easy way to manage and track volunteer engagement all from one platform. Plus, America’s Charities can help connect your organization with nonprofits that match your specific cause interests. Click here to tell us about your volunteer management needs.

Starting or enhancing an employee giving program

  1. ​Where do I get started if I’m interested in getting my company more involved in workplace giving?     

    There are so many ways to support nonprofits and engage employees in workplace giving. From offering matching gifts, volunteer opportunities, fundraising to payroll deduction and Dollars-for-Doers (just to name a few!) it’s easy to get started and that is where America’s Charities can help. Click here to tell us about your goals and interests and we’ll help you build a program that meets your needs, budget and goal.

  2. We already have an employee giving program. How do we expand the program, offer more opportunities or take our program to the next level? 

    From employer strategy development and charitable funds management, to our holistic, easy-to-use online giving platform that interfaces with your system, America’s Charities can elevate your social responsibility and employee engagement results for maximum success. Click here to tell us more about your specific needs.  

Choosing a nonprofit to support

  1. How can my company support a specific charitable cause or nonprofit?   

    America’s Charities’ fully vetted nonprofit members work on causes that are close to your heart, while using your donations in a way that makes sense to your head – and wallet. Combine that with the America’s Charities Powered by Causecast online giving tool and you will get real outcome-based impact! Click here to tell us about your employee giving needs and specific causes you want to support.

Promotional items, charity fairs, and guest speakers

  1. How do I share promotional items, brochures and other materials about America’s Charities and its nonprofit members with my employees?   

    Distributing promotional items, brochures, and other collateral is a great way to engage employees in giving at your company’s event.  For materials about America’s Charities and our nonprofit members, please contact our Client Engagement team at ClientSolutions@Charities.org. For content such as charity success stories and dollar buy statements (e.g. $50 donation has X impact), please contact our Marketing team at Marcom@charities.org.

  2. How do I get a guest speaker or someone from America’s Charities to attend/present at my event?​

    Inviting America’s Charities and our nonprofit members as guest speakers or to host a table at your event is an effective way to connect employees to the causes they care about. To get started, please contact our Client Engagement team at ClientSolutions@Charities.org

If you did not find an answer to your question in our FAQ above, please contact help@charities.org