Time for an Employee Giving Program Check-up!


Employee giving check up

When it comes to annual check-ups we make it a priority to visit the doctor, dentist or even a vehicle inspection. Although many of us put it off as long as we can, or even avoid it altogether. Why? Fear of bad news, fear of being judged, fear of costs, fear of change…the list goes on. But check-ups are necessary and good for us. The same holds true with your employee giving program. No better time than now to get started. Not sure where to begin? Here are some best practices to get you started. For more advice on your employee giving strategy, please complete the short survey below.

Five Steps to Plan Your Success for Next Year:

(Click here to download our social impact metrics guide for additional measures to consider.)

  1. Reflect – What were the attitudes, reactions, and feelings of your employees and management toward your giving endeavors last year?  What did you feel went well?  What did you feel did not?
  2. Review & Revise – What were the actual numbers? (2023 goals vs. results)  Where did you exceed your goals?  Where did you fall short?  Now that you’ve reviewed your results, how do you revise and set your new year goals accordingly?
  3. Retool – What do you need to change, upgrade, add or subtract from last year’s initiatives to meet this year’s goals?  Technology?  Awareness?  Manpower?
  4. Reengage – What are you going to do differently in 2023 to reengage your employees and management?  Messaging? VIP programs?  Dollars for Doers?  Team/Dept. Competitions?
  5. Results – If you do all of the steps above, how are you going to measure your 2023 campaigns to show ROI both internally (bottom line) and externally (social impact)?

America’s Charities recognizes the importance of evaluating programs annually to gauge success and areas that need improvement, and our clients value our support and expertise. Our clients recognize on average a 10% increase in pledge volume year over year using our services. 


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