Employee Giving and Business Philanthropy Solutions

High Tech. High Touch. High Impact.

71% of employees say it is important to work for a company where giving and volunteering is supported. They consider the “charitable” route an impactful method of changing the world around them, and more than ever expect employers to offer opportunities for them to support the community via time, talent, and money.

We get it, and we know you get it – that’s why you’re here after all! We also understand the legwork that goes into implementing and sustaining an employee giving program. Our 40 years’ experience in this field has resulted in more than a half-billion dollars raised for tens of thousands of charities in federal, state and local government, and corporate workplace giving programs. 

With America’s Charities’ broad selection of employee giving technology solutions, and best-in-class services and proven practices, we make it easy for your team to connect its employees with the community and empower them to give where, when, and how they want. 

Inspire employees with a powerful giving experience

Employees can effortlessly support their favorite charities through:

  • One-time or recurring donations via payroll deduction, credit card, PayPal, check, Stock, or PTO.
  • Volunteer time or talent – individually or as teams – and share volunteer experiences with peers, and log hours all in one place.
  • Fundraisers, which allow employees to invite their friends and family outside the workplace to contribute.
  • Disaster Relief and Cause Campaigns where employees can unite around the company’s core cause areas throughout the year, or support communities’ immediate and long-term needs when natural disasters or tragedies strike.
  • Employee Assistance Funds management and administration to provide financial assistance to employees impacted by disaster or other financial hardship.

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Reward Your People & Amplify the Impact of Nonprofits They Support.

Recognize employees and the causes that matter to them, and demonstrate your company’s commitment to the community, through:

  • Matching gifts
  • Paid time off to volunteer
  • Dollars for doers (volunteer service grants)
  • and other incentives

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Expand Your Bandwidth and Results to Accomplish Your Goals.

Get the most from the technology you choose and maximize your return on investment with:

  • Best practices and resources from your dedicated team of employee giving experts and a library of content, guides, and materials to make your program’s implementation seamless.  
  • Multi-channel donor support with 95% donor satisfaction (70% of donors receive help within 1 hour).
  • Benchmarking and strategy development to give you a clear perspective of how you stack up to peers, and to arm you with specific tactics and overarching strategy tailored to your company’s unique culture and interests.     

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