Hold a Disaster Recovery Campaign at Your Company

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Unleash the Power of Long-term Disaster Support Through Employee Giving & Matching Gifts:

Workplace giving is an easy way for employees to support reputable nonprofits' organized disaster relief efforts, and there are multiple payment methods your team can utilize (i.e. one-time payroll deduction, credit card, PayPal) to ensure employee donations are made securely and efficiently.

Don't wait until a disaster hits to get started though. Be prepared so in the unfortunate event a disaster strikes, you can quickly and effortlessly deploy a disaster recovery campaign. Contact America's Charities to learn about our solutions and for guidance in formulating your disaster recovery campaign strategy. 

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About 70 to 80 percent of money donated in the wake of a disaster goes to immediate relief efforts. While those efforts are important, ensuring long-term support is crucial to effectively helping affected communities rebuild and fully recover. 

In the wake of recent hurricanes, this 20-minute webinar explains why supporting long-term disaster recovery is so important, and how businesses have a unique opportunity to step up their support through the power of employee giving, matching gifts, and the "America's Charities Disaster Recovery Fund." 

Click here for a PDF copy of the presentation.

Hold a Disaster Recovery Campaign Through Your Workplace:

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