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When you donate $1 to No Kid Hungry, you can provide up to 10 healthy meals for a child in need. 

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Coronavirus Impact and Needs:

Click here for information about what Coronavirus means for hungry kids and how you can help No Kid Hungry take action.

1 in 7 kids in America lives with hunger. That’s 1 in 7 little leaguers, ballerinas, readers and future leaders. That’s 1 in 7 kids who can’t learn, can’t reach their full potential.

When You Support No Kid Hungry

No Kid Hungry is ending childhood hunger in America not just for today or tomorrow, but for good. We don’t buy or distribute food. Instead, we work with key educators, community organizations and lawmakers to launch and improve existing programs that feed hungry kids. Our short-term investments make these programs more efficient and sustainable well into the future for the communities they serve.

Childhood hunger is a solvable problem, and we know the path to get us there. We’re the only national organization singularly focused on ending childhood hunger in America. We marry the resources and vision of a national organization with the impact and presence of a local nonprofit – and this unique approach is driving tremendous success.

How We End Childhood Hunger

The programs to feed hungry kids in our country already exist. The food is out there. But not enough kids are getting it. No Kid Hungry connects the dots, offering local schools and community partners the dollars, promotional support and expertise to make sure kids and families get these meals.

  • School Breakfast – Students can’t focus and learn if they don’t start the day with the nutrition they need.
  • Summer Meals – For kids who rely on school meals, summer is the hungriest time of year. 
  • Afterschool Meals – For hungry kids, this may be the only food they eat after school.

Make a Difference with Us

Across the country, we’re transforming communities by giving kids the healthy food they need. Working together, we can end childhood hunger in America. Join us at, email us at, or call 1-800-222-2925.