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Child abuse and neglect affects over 1 million children every year. Child abuse and neglect costs our nation $220 million every day.

Prevent Child Abuse America

On a mission to prevent the abuse and neglect of our nation's children, Prevent Child Abuse America engages and informs communities, and educates government officials about public policies that promote healthy child development and the prevention of abuse and neglect. We believe that healthy child development is essential for building community and economic growth, and we seek to energize communities to use every day as an opportunity to contribute to the kind of nation we would like to be: a nation free of child abuse and neglect.

Healthy Families America (HFA), our evidence-based home visitations program, helps us achieve these goals. HFA has expanded to nearly 600 sites throughout the US, and in all 5 US Territories, reaching 75,000 at-risk families annually.