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Our Cause

The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence strives to create a collective culture of change that fosters safety, justice and autonomy.  While local domestic violence programs offer direct service to those in need, PCADV provides the infrastructure, support, expertise and training to make their work effective.  Stronger together, the Coalition provides a collective voice that amplifies many voices.



Our Impact

Cultivating a vision of a society free of domestic violence and working toward that future, PCADV’s programming focuses on three areas: Prevention, Intervention, and Change.

PREVENTION: Through its Prevention work, PCADV strives to stop intimate partner violence before it starts. Breaking the generational cycle of violence for children, teens, and young adults by changing public attitudes and social norms will create a future in which lives are neither lost to, nor limited by, domestic violence.

INTERVENTION: All victims and survivors of domestic violence should have access to essential, life-saving services to have lives that are financially independent, free of violence, and sustainable. Key intervention programming is available through local agencies and includes Housing, Civil Legal Representation, Lethality Assessment Screening, Medical Advocacy, and Economic Justice.

CHANGE: As the collective voice of its local domestic violence programs, PCADV is committed to making a lasting impact in the Commonwealth through policy work at the state and federal level. PCADV actively advocates for change and works to block policies that create additional barriers or penalize victims.

PCADV’s Prevention, Intervention and Change initiatives establish survivor well-being, independence and financial empowerment, leading to a life free from abuse.


*Ranges calculated below based on payroll deductions from 24-26 total paychecks in a year.

How Your Workplace Donations & Matching Gifts Make a Difference:

$100 - $250

Total Annual Pledge

($5 - $10 per pay period)

$100 helps PCADV programs provide 1 hotel night to a victim of domestic violence and their children, providing safe and secure shelter away from an abuser.


$250 - $650

Total Annual Pledge

($15 - $25 per pay period)


$780 - $1300

Total Annual Pledge

($30 - $50 per pay period)


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