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Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence

A network of 60 community-based Programs committed to building stronger and safer communities through Prevention, Intervention and Change with ultimate goal to end domestic violence.

Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence

The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence (PCADV) has attained remarkable achievements in promoting safety and justice for victims of domestic violence in Pennsylvania and across the country. For the past 40 years, PCADV has advocated for victims of domestic violence through the development and passage of legislation strengthening legal protections; the promotion of public policies that meet the needs of victims; and the pursuit of additional funding and support for programs to adequately respond to the ever-increasing requests for services and safety. PCADV was established in 1976 when a handful of grassroots women's groups in the state joined together to lobby for legal protections and to develop a network of services for victims of domestic violence.

 Our highly-trained staff manages a statewide contract that provides financial support and technical assistance in program development and training to the network of service providers. In addition to providing life-saving services in every county of the Commonwealth, PCADV focuses on public policy development, training and technical assistance, public information, and education.  PCADV offers consultation and technical expertise to state domestic violence coalitions, private and government agencies, and state and federal policy-makers; provides information and resource materials to the media and general public; provides extensive training to law enforcement and criminal justice personnel, health care providers, religious leaders, drug and alcohol counselors, batterer intervention service providers, and other professionals who seek justice and safety for victims of domestic violence. 

Historically, the battered women's movement has focused resources toward protecting women from their batterers. While providing safety and advocacy to victims of domestic violence and their children remains a priority, PCADV has recognized the need to pursue a new model of prevention in the field of domestic violence, repositioning the bettered women's movement from a reactive to proactive role. To generate and sustain real change, it is necessary to engage multiple and historically different sectors and disciplines in effective, sustainable efforts in order to prevent violence before it occurs. 

Through our organization's multiple levels of service, we strive to communicate our mission to provide life-saving services for victims of domestic violence and to facilitate social change activities in order to bring an end to domestic violence.

Together, we are bringing awareness, education, protection, and safety into communities and homes in Pennsylvania and across the country.