The Obama Foundation is committed to helping the next generation of leaders take on the biggest challenges of our time.

The Obama Foundation

"I’m asking you to believe. Not in my ability to bring about change, but in yours." - President Barack Obama 

There are many challenges facing our world today. We’re still confronting the far-reaching impact of a global pandemic. People in every corner of the world are experiencing the consequences of a warming planet. In America, your gender, race, class, and country of origin too often determine your ability to thrive. And both at home and abroad, democracy itself is under siege. 

But we have it in us to address the trends we’re seeing in the world, to make our institutions responsive to today’s challenges, and to give more people a better life. That’s why the Obama Foundation’s mission is to inspire, empower, and connect people to change their world. 

The Obama Foundation launched in 2017 with a commitment to help the next generation of leaders take on the biggest challenges of our time. Our ambition is to inspire people to act on the issues that matter most to them. And our vision is to build a world-class institution on the South Side of Chicago that will serve as a home to our many programs that reach people across the world. 

While the Obama Presidential Center will celebrate the legacy of President and Mrs. Obama, it won’t be an exercise in nostalgia. We’re building the Center to give our programs, our community, and our vision a new home base. This institution and programs inspire a new generation of citizen activists to rise to the challenges of our time—challenges they can help us meet. Together, we can empower scholars with commitments to service, train changemaking leaders, build safe and supportive communities for boys and young men of color, and support girls’ education around the world. 

President and Mrs. Obama have adhered to one simple yet powerful idea their whole lives: ordinary people working together can change history. Rooted in the example set by the Obamas over the course of their lives, the Obama Foundation is the embodiment and continuation of this vision. 

We invite you to join us in bringing these ideas to scale

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The Obama Foundation

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