$75 dollars gives a local student a minimum of 5 hours of financial literacy, entrepreneurship and career awareness education.

Junior Achievement of New York

The mission of JA New York is to inspire and prepare young people in grades K-12 to succeed in the global economy. Our innovative, activity-based educational programs focus on three key content areas--financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship. A dedicated network of individuals from local businesses and the community volunteer to teach JA curricula in in-school, after school and workplace settings. 

JA New York's overarching goals are to: 

  • Impart a solid grasp of our how our economy works through lessons relevant to students' life experience
  • Prepare students to understand the opportunities and rewards that exist in a changing global marketplace
  • Foster students' desire to complete their education and invest in their own human capital
  • Enhance students' self-confidence and understanding of the vital connection between staying in school and becoming productive, successful adults

Since our founding in 1929, our mission has been to inspire and prepare young people to own their economic success. We work with over 300 partner schools in New York City, Long Island and the Lower Hudson Valley to deliver programs to more than 100,000 students every year.  The majority of students we serve come from high need, under-served schools and low to moderate income communities. 

An important feature of JA programs is that they support real-world competencies, bridging the gap between classroom theory and practical application in real life situations. Whether it is a kindergartner learning fundamental concepts related to saving and spending; a fifth grader learning about profit and productivity; a middle school student learning about personal finance and budgeting; or a high school student learning about business operations, banking, investment and their career goals, JA programs teach real-world skills. Teachers and school administrators welcome JA programs into their classrooms because they enrich the traditional school curriculum, and provide crucial financial education programs that these students would otherwise not receive.

Another program feature, one that distinguishes us from other organizations with similar missions, is the use of corporate and community volunteers to deliver our programs. Volunteers serve as teachers and role models, enlivening the lessons with their personal stories of challenge and achievement. During a COVID affected 2019-20 school year, over 5,000 volunteers reached nearly 60,000 students. By giving back to their communities, volunteers ensure that future generations will be better prepared to succeed in the global economy.

JA New York is the local affiliate of JA USA, the nation's largest organization dedicated to inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy. JA students develop the skills they need to experience the realities and opportunities of work and entrepreneurship in the 21st-century global marketplace.