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In fiscal year 2017, Feed the Children distributed 91.7 million pounds of food and essentials valued at $373 million to people in the U.S., and internationally. Each dollar you give will multiply 7x to provide much-needed food and essentials for hungry children and families.

Feed the Children

Established in 1979, Feed the Children exists to end child hunger. It is one of the largest U.S.-based charities and serves those in need in the U.S. and in 10 countries around the world. It provides food, education, essentials and disaster relief. Domestically, it operates 5 distribution centers (located in Oklahoma, Indiana, California, Tennessee and Pennsylvania). 

In fiscal year 2017, Feed the Children distributed 79.8 million pounds of food and essentials valued at $302 million to people in the U.S. Internationally, it provided nutritious food or other benefits to 1,080,000 children, empowered 291,000 parents to make better decisions for their children, and positively impacted more than 1,200 communities and schools in 10 countries. It is accredited by GuideStar Exchange and the BBB Wise Giving Alliance..

Because school is the best way to help kids escape poverty, we help them attend and finish school by distributing backpacks to homeless children and offering free books and supplies to educators through our Teacher Store locations.

Throughout the summer of 2017, Feed the Children continued its Summer Food & Education Program. The program combined Feed the Children’s logistics and transportation experience with the support of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Summer Food Service Program. Through the Summer Food & Education Program, Feed the Children served approximately 563,000 meals with the help of public funds and private partners to children at 32 sites within several cities, rural communities and Indian Tribal organizations across Oklahoma and Tennessee. With the help of its partners, Feed the Children provided 10 pallets of backpacks with school supplies and 10,000 books to children in the program. Feed the Children was even able to send food to hungry families on days when children could not reach the meal sites in person. Feed the Children is committed to helping break the cycle of poverty through its multi-pronged approach to feeding bodies, minds and futures.

Internationally, approximately 1.3 million children and caregivers are fully engaged in Feed the Children’s child-focused food and nutrition programs, which regularly provide nutritious meals to children who may otherwise go an entire day without eating.  And, internationally in fiscal year 2017, Feed the Children distributed 11.9 million pounds of food, medicine and essentials to children and families, impacting 856,000 children and 215,000 caregivers in the communities where we work.

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Donate Through Workplace Giving

One of the best ways to support Feed the Children is to donate through your workplace giving program (or the Combined Federal Campaign if you're a Federal employee). If your employer does not have a payroll deduction campaign or does not offer the choice of giving to Feed the Children, ask about bringing America's Charities to your workplace.  America's Charities works with employers to develop employee-friendly, cost-effective workplace giving campaigns that benefit charities like ours.

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