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Christian Appalachian Project

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Christian Appalachian Project

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Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) is an interdenominational, non-profit Christian organization, providing 16 comprehensive human services in Eastern Kentucky and a Gift-in Kind Program for all ages within the 13-state Appalachian Mountain corridor. Founded in 1964 by a young Catholic priest, Reverend Ralph W. Beiting, CAP is now the 18th largest human-service nonprofit in America, existing largely on faith and the generosity of supporters throughout the country. As a 501 (c) 3 charity, CAP is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions allowable by IRS regulations.       

CAP creates a community of care to assist the most vulnerable and under-served rural populations in our service regions. Our first priorities are children, the elderly and the disabled. Our program centers are in Eastern Kentucky, home of the most concentrated and widespread generational poverty in America today. (A 2009 US census survey revealed that 14 Eastern Kentucky counties were among the nation's 26 poorest by Median Household Income.)     

Our programs provide "hands-on" physical, spiritual and emotional support as well as encouraging personal responsibility, achievement and growth. We share faith through our words and actions, practice stewardship of entrusted resources, and fully involve participants in developing long-term strategies to break out of poverty and build a web of support for future that is self-sustaining. CAP subscribes to the idea of creating a community of care, rather than just a source of support.

While CAP operates 16 programs throughout Appalachia, by far the largest, most extensive service is Operation Sharing. Partnering with other national corporations and charities the program distributed $74 million in donated durable goods to well over 1.5 million Appalachian residents in all 13 states.       

Examples of other CAP programs include: child development centers, home repair, elderly services, youth summer camps, a food pantry, spouse-abuse shelters and advocacy, programs for children and adults with disabilities, counseling services, disaster response, adult education and substance-abuse recovery.       

CAP employs 154 full-time staff, but also relies heavily on more than 1,200 volunteers who join us in joyful service each year. Both long-term and temporary volunteers play a vital role at CAP by widening the circle of direct service response as well as minimizing our operational and overhead costs.      

CAP's Volunteer Program helps leverage every donated dollar or gift-in-kind, but more importantly, it transforms the volunteer by his/her personal involvement in the region's challenges and its people.