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The Child & Family Network Centers (CFNC)

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The Child & Family Network Centers (CFNC)

For the past 37 years, The Child & Family Network Centers' (CFNC) has worked to advance our mission: to provide caring, high-quality, free early education and related services to at-risk children and their families in their own neighborhoods to prepare them for success in school and in life. Based in Alexandria, VA, CFNC was started in 1984 by a group of mothers living in public housing after 17 of their children were failed by the system and did not move on to the first grade. Determined that this would not be the case for any more children in their neighborhood, a teacher was hired, a classroom secured, and CFNC was born. 

Although we had a humble beginning, our impact has been anything but. CFNC has expanded to become the only nonprofit organization in Alexandria, Virginia that provides quality multilingual preschool and family support services free of charge to low-income, immigrant working families. 

CFNC operates in Alexandria's distressed communities with high concentrations of people who speak little to no English. We serve children who are considered "at-risk" for school failure by age four and their families, who live at or below 250% of poverty. The vast majority of our families live at or below 130% of federal poverty guidelines and cannot afford private preschool programs. 

Our core expertise is three-fold: (1) we are the only nonprofit in the City of Alexandria, VA that provides free multilingual preschool education, family case management, and health services; (2) we reach low-income, immigrant working families with limited English proficiency who are left behind by other programs; and (3) we provide award-winning, accessible wraparound services in their neighborhoods. CFNC’s mission-driven activities work to advance our Racial Equity Vision, closing racial equity gaps so that our families can thrive.

CFNC makes dramatic strides in closing the achievement gap. Our impact is rooted in our holistic model, which uniquely addresses our families’ underlying and unmet needs. Among various accolades, CFNC: 

  • Is one of the first programs in the country to receive accreditation through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). 
  • Is among the first preschool programs in Virginia to receive a 4/5-star rating from the Virginia Star Quality Initiative (VSQI) across all of our classrooms.
  • Was recognized as “one of the best” local nonprofits in 2018-19 by The Catalogue for Philanthropy, selected for excellence, cost-effectiveness, and impact.
  • Was a 2017 finalist for the Center for Nonprofit Advancement’s Board Leadership Award.
  • Completed a successful $2.5 million capital campaign in 2016 and accomplished a major goal of our strategic plan by opening our West End headquarters in 2014. We also relocated two classrooms to our newest West End site in Fall 2019, and merged an additional new half classroom to our existing space to maximize in-person capacity in FY21!
  • Was recognized as a “top place to work” by the Nonprofit Times in 2021!