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Alzheimer's - Insight Memory Care Center

Insight Memory Care Center (IMCC), formerly Alzheimer’s Family Day Center, is a nonprofit adult day health and resource center providing specialized care, support, and education for individuals in all stages of memory or cognitive impairment, their care partners, and the community.  Serving Northern Virginia since 1984, IMCC offers a spectrum of holistic care, with a vision of a community where those affected by memory impairments can achieve the highest quality of life. As the only adult day center in Northern Virginia focused specifically on those with all stages of dementia, IMCC is a critically needed community resource for those who receive a diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), Alzheimer’s and many other diseases associated with dementia symptoms. 

Programs at IMCC include our early-stage program Reconnections for those with an initial diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) or dementia, our day center for individuals in the moderate to late stage of a diagnosis, our free education programs for caregivers, training for community health professionals, monthly support groups for caregivers, and free consultations and memory screenings for anyone in the community. IMCC’s adult day center provides a safe and secure environment that focuses on people’s strengths rather than their memory limitations, addressing the health needs of the total person: physical, mental, and emotional focused for those in the moderate to late stages of dementia. In fact, IMCC is the only adult day program in Northern Virginia with the capacity to serve those with advanced dementia. For these individuals, staff provides total care, including assistance with mealtime, personal care, and mobility, as well as slower-paced, personalized programs. 

For those not yet ready for the day center, IMCC offers a social model, early-stage program called Reconnections. Meeting four days per week at our center in Fairfax, our new satellite office in Sterling and other partner locations, Reconnections is a gathering of individuals who have MCI or who are in the early stages of dementia. Together with professional staff, a small group of club members participate in individualized discussion groups, recreational activities, learning experiences, and all have the opportunity for peer support and to socialize in a safe, non-judgmental setting. The Reconnections program is the only one of its kind in the area to focus on those with early-stage dementia and mild cognitive impairment. 

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s affects not only the patient, but their caregiver and extended family. For family caregivers, IMCC offers free education classes with topics ranging from dealing with difficult behaviors to legal and financial planning. In addition, IMCC offers its own unique publication, “Caregiving at a Glance,” which provides strategies for managing behavior challenges and planning for future care. IMCC also offers support groups to give family caregivers the chance to connect, to compare similar journeys, to share practical advice, and to discuss frustrations, fears and hopes. All support groups are free and open to the public and help to reduce the sense of isolation many caregivers feel while also providing a forum for sharing information and suggestions concerning caregiving. IMCC also provides free consultations and free memory screenings to the community at large.

IMCC is the only dementia-specific adult day center and caregiver resource center in the DC metro area. In fall 2018, NADSA named IMCC a “Center of Distinction”, one of only 4 organizations given this recognition each year as an example of best practices in adult day programming. In 2020 Lindsey Vajpeyi, IMCC’s Director of Education and Outreach won the Emerging Leader Award from Leading Age Virginia. In June 2021, Anita Irvin, IMCC’s Executive Director won the Vision Award from Leading Age Virginia. Most importantly, we maintain high standards in providing care. IMCC holds a three-year license, the highest level in Virginia.