Cause Funds

Give once and support many!

Cause Funds

You have big dreams of changing the world. Sometimes, you want to support an entire cause. And while you may not have a specific charity in mind, you definitely want your donation to help effective, reputable charities so that you can have peace of mind knowing your donation is making a real impact.

We developed America's Charities Cause Funds with you in mind. 

How Our Cancer Research and Advocacy, Hunger Relief, and Children Cause Funds Work:

Our charity members, fully vetted by America's Charities and focused on outcomes-based impact, are working on issues that are close to your heart.  Each Cause Fund includes two or more America's Charities' members whose missions directly support a specific cause. Each donation is split evenly between the organizations included in the Cause Fund. Simply put, Cause Funds enable you to give once and support many. 

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Can't Find a Cause Fund That Interests You?

America's Charities' nonprofit members address a wide array of issues including animals, education, healthcare, human rights, hunger poverty, and veterans. Please fill out the form on this page to let us know what cause you're interested in supporting and we can create a fund that supports the cause that interests you. Does your company have specific charities in mind for a cause fund? Fill out the form and let's talk!


Interested in Supporting our Cause Funds Through Your Workplace Giving Program or Want a Custom Cause Fund Created for Your Organization? Contact Us: