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Workplace Giving Sample Letter to HR Department

For Companies With Existing Workplace Giving Campaigns:

If your employer already offers workplace giving, but the charity(ies) you’re interested in supporting are not included, use the sample letter below to suggest your company expand its workplace giving choices to include America’s Charities and the specific charity you’re interested in supporting.

Copy and paste the following into an email or letter to your HR Director, and replace the bolded sections with the appropriate information:

Dear HR Director (or Name),

While participating in our corporate [company’s] charitable gift drive, I prefer to support [CHARITY NAME], a not-for-profit charitable organization that [enter brief description of what the nonprofit does]. [CHARITY NAME] is affiliated with America’s Charities, a nonprofit organization that provides workplace giving solutions for companies, and connects employers with nonprofit organizations to inspire greater employee participation in charitable giving. I would appreciate it if our company would include America’s Charities and [CHARITY NAME] in our workplace campaign. This would expand all employees’ options by adding more than 100 charities representing a diverse range of causes to our roster of choices while, of course, giving me the choice to continue to support [CHARITY NAME] through my payroll deduction.  Thank you for your consideration.

[Complimentary close and signature]

For Companies That Do Not Have Workplace Giving Programs:

If your employer doesn’t currently offer a workplace giving program, start one!  Let your human resources department know you’re interested in giving at work.  Copy and paste the following into an email or letter to your HR Director, and replace the bolded sections with the appropriate information:

Dear HR Director (or Name),

One of the things I value most about [COMPANY NAME] is its commitment to community, and that is why I would like to suggest that [COMPANY NAME] start a workplace giving campaign.

Workplace giving allows employees to make automated tax-deductible gifts through payroll deductions, and it is the highest yielding, lowest cost method of fundraising for nonprofit organizations. In addition to boosting our company’s reputation and several other benefits which you can read about at, workplace giving demonstrates [COMPANY NAME’s] support for the charitable interests of its employees, encourages teamwork and allows employees to assume ownership of a visible and important event. 

Being able to give to charitable organizations that I care about through payroll deduction at the workplace is important to me, and I would appreciate it if our company would offer it. 

America’s Charities is a nonprofit organization that connects employers with nonprofit organizations to engage employee participation in charitable giving, and they provide a suite of workplace giving and employee engagement solutions for companies.  Please contact them about bringing workplace giving to [COMPANY NAME] by visiting or call their Business Development team at 703-674-5358. 

Thank you for your consideration.

[Complimentary close and signature]

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