America’s Charities Engage Solution powered by SmartSimple

The world’s first end-to-end giving and CSR solution that tells the complete picture of your global impact – all on one platform.


The world’s first end-to-end giving and CSR solution that tells the complete picture of your global impact – all on one platform.

A Holistic CSR Solution from the Market’s Leading Technology and Service Provider Ready to Help

From corporate social responsibility (CSR) and philanthropy to employee giving and engagement, and from tracking, measuring, and sharing your organization’s impact, Engage is the most comprehensive and flexible solution for streamlining all your community programs and maximizing your social investments.

Engage seamlessly blends together Americas’ Charities’ 40 years of experience in helping organizations meet their giving and engagement goals, along with SmartSimple’s SaaS cloud platform – Platform3 – preferred by more than 350 leading organizations worldwide. One solution brings two experts together to optimize your experience and social impact.

Manage All Your Corporate Philanthropy and Workplace Giving Programs on One Flexible Platform

Engage is an agile, single platform for supporting all your social good needs. Designed to be flexible, grow with your organization, and adapt to your constantly shifting priorities, Engage can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need to administer a stand-alone granting program or a full suite of global corporate and employee giving initiatives, everything can be managed under one roof. 

Engage streamlines:

Wherever you are in your CSR journey, Engage can meet your needs. 

Track and Measure Your Goals the Way You Want

Engage’s goals tracking capability is entirely unique, enabling you to adopt industry-standard frameworks like the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — the global blueprint for a better world. Or, define and implement your own goals for more effective and relevant outcomes measurement across your entire organization and CSR programs. Click here to learn more about Engage’s tracking capabilities.

Report and Share Your Collective Impact

Measure the collective impact of your corporate giving and employee contributions with clear and eye-catching reports, dashboards, and maps using real-time data. Engage centralizes all your data in one location, enabling powerful and versatile reporting. Gain more visibility across all your CSR and philanthropy efforts with aggregated metrics. Accurately communicate your successes using interactive data visualization tools. Click here to learn more about Engage’s reporting capabilities.

Assess Your Social Good Needs; Grow Your Program; Optimize Your Results

Focus more on the impact your program can provide instead of the challenges that come from administering it end-to-end. Take the complexity out of managing your corporate grantmaking, employee giving, and volunteer programs.

Streamline every step in your employee workplace giving programs, so you can better align your company’s values with the generosity of your people. Click here to learn more about America’s Charities’ client support, strategy development, and advisory services.


America's Charities Engage powered by SmartSimple

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