Committed to Supporting Our Community

America’s Charities employees are dedicated to helping our nonprofit members fundraise through the workplace, and our clients achieve their employee giving and engagement goals. We are also committed to putting our own advice into action by giving back to the communities around us.

Through our own employee giving program, staff give freely of our time, talent, and money throughout the year through financial contributions and volunteerism.

Annual Workplace Giving Campaign

Each year, our staff have the opportunity to support the nonprofits they care about with financial contributions made via payroll deduction, check, credit card, or by donating vacation hours. We’re a small organization, but because we employ our best practices, the average gift donated per participating employee was over $2,000. Our campaigns consist of a kick-off event, trivia, matching gifts, and a range of other initiatives to keep employees inspired throughout the course of the campaign. 


Throughout the year, America’s Charities employees donate their time and talent. Staff provide their skillsets and expertise pro bono, as well as participating in coordinated group volunteer opportunities. With staff located at our headquarters in Chantilly and throughout the country, we encourage employees to reach out and provide meaningful support to the nonprofits in the communities where they live. With a nonprofit membership base of 100+ organizations, we also like to support our members by picking a few who can most benefit from our volunteer support each year. 

Committed to Supporting Our Community