Help Employees Overcome Unexpected Financial Hardships and Stress with Employee Assistance Funds

A guide for employers interested in starting, expanding, or outsourcing an EAF program

Socially minded employers have offered a range of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs for decades, traditionally focusing their efforts outward to help the communities in which they live and work.

In the wake of COVID-19, it quickly became apparent that employees needed help. Business leaders needed to look inward. 

Employers around the world turned to Employee Assistance Funds (EAFs), also known as an Employee Relief Fund, Employee Crisis Fund, and a host of other names, to help people navigate difficult circumstances. An EAF provides qualified employees a grant to help them cover an expense and cope with unexpected financial stress.

While we hope the pandemic ends (soon!), crises are timeless. By creating an EAF, your company can help your employees navigate tough times and demonstrate your commitment to responsible corporate citizenship.

As one of the few facilitators in the U.S. with an established program to help employers of all sizes and across all industries create and operate EAFs, America’s Charities has quickly become a leader in the space. In fact, we are the only organization to offer a charitable giving component, which enables coworkers and the wider community to support their colleagues and neighbors. By bundling other aspects of giving, America’s Charities also empowers employers to easily integrate EAFs with their other CSR programs and achieve even more social good.

This comprehensive white paper will:

  • Address the value of starting an EAF, 
  • Describe different ways to structure and fund your EAF,
  • Explain the benefits of outsourcing your fund to a public charity vs. administering it yourself,
  • Outline what to consider when determining employee eligibility and how to estimate your EAF budget, and
  • Share examples of how to put your EAF communications plan into action.

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Help Employees Overcome Unexpected Financial Hardships and Stress with Employee Assistance Funds