2016 Event Highlights

On Friday, May 13, 2016, America’s Charities hosted its annual Membership Assembly at The Pew Charitable Trusts’ Conference Center in Washington, D.C. Our member nonprofits from across the country gathered to learn insights from nonprofit experts about the future of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), private and public sector workplace giving programs, and opportunities for America’s Charities members to raise their visibility and amp-up employee donor engagement. 

Joining America’s Charities’ team in discussion were industry experts and guest speakers including:

  • Keith Willingham, Director of the Combined Federal Campaign, U.S. Office of Personnel Management,
  • Rama Latin, Charitable Campaigns Administrator at the Department of the Navy (DON),
  • Stephen Paletta, Founder of The Give Back Foundation,
  • Dr. Mark Bergel, Founder and Executive Director, A Wider Circle
  • Jeff Moore, VP of Strategy and Interim Co-CEO, Independent Sector
  • Sampriti Ganguli, CEO, Arabella Advisors

Member Resources & Materials:

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Membership Assembly 2016