America's Charities Knowledge Center

America's Charities brings companies and charities together for greater giving. Our business model is moving towards employee engagement consultation that grows giving inside and outside the walls of the workplace. America’s Charities has been key in helping employers develop and market highly branded, customized campaigns that effectively share the message of the corporation’s charitable outreach (part of your corporate citizenship strategies) with the employee base. Our national and regional staff provide hands-on assistance, as needed, to help plan and administer your campaigns. We are fully committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction. America’s Charities has a long track record of providing outstanding service, technology and operational excellence to employers and employees throughout the country.

America's Charities recognizes that giving at work through payroll deduction is significant in its support of charitable causes in America and is a reflection of employer involvement in communities. Workplace philanthropy represents one of the highest-yielding and lowest-cost methods of fundraising for nonprofit organizations.

The Benefits

To Employers:

  • Sends a strong message of interest in employee engagement
  • Demonstrates good corporate citizenship and improves corporate image for stakeholders and in the community
  • Helps build a sense of community among employees

To Employees:

  • Gives employees exposure to charities and services in their community
  • Ease and convenience of payroll deduction
  • Sense of helping others How can America’s Charities help?

Build Best Practices

Best Practices serve as the starting point when America’s Charities guides you through the development of your workplace giving campaign. The campaign should be fused with the corporate culture at the most basic level, and should be aimed at creating a deepening level of involvement between the donor and the charity.

With buy-in by management and employees the campaign is virtually guaranteed to be successful. And by helping employers create and operate successful campaigns, charities are virtually guaranteed of the resources they need to carry out their very important missions.

Key tips to remember:

  • The campaign must be integrated with the company’s employee involvement program
  • The campaign is branded to fit the company’s unique culture and includes organizations that are relevant to employees and their charitable and volunteer interests
  • The campaign provides opportunities for employee involvement and team building
  • The campaign promotes loyalty and goodwill between the company and its employees.