Resources for Members

America's Charities is a highly diverse, inclusive group of national and local charities providing hands-on services to millions of people in communities throughout the nation.

In support of our members, America's Charities offers an array of benefits:

Benefits of Membership

  • Three ways to join America's Charities family of federations for the CFC-America's Charities, Children1st - America's Charities, and Health1st - America's Charities.
  • Participation in more workplace giving campaigns (260 employer campaigns beyond the CFC) than any comparable federation.
  • For national charities, income from state/local and corporate campaigns equals, on average, an additional 40 to 60% in pledges outside of the CFC.
  • Access to 10 million employees annually...and growing.
  • Campaign application/appeal services.
  • National and local representation in campaigns.
  • Print and electronic promotional materials.
  • Web accessible member information.
  • Comprehensive financial and fiscal services.
  • Donor names and addresses transmitted electronically.
  • Monthly distributions (EFT capability for National members) and on-line portfolio of campaign pledge totals.

Membership Criteria

National Membership

(Choice of membership in America's Charities, Children First- America's Charities or Health First - America's Charities for the CFC)

National members are eligible to apply for participation to the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). The CFC is the only authorized solicitation of employees in the Federal workplace on behalf of charitable organizations (5 CFR Part 950.102 (a)). The CFC consists of approximately 200 local federal campaigns throughout the United States and overseas. National members are also automatically included in all Private Sector campaigns. Private Sector campaigns may not be chosen individually.

National members may also choose to participate in State and Local campaigns, for an additional fee.


America’s Charities Membership Application

Below is a sampling of documentation that must be submitted as part of our online membership application process (depending on type of membership selected).

  • IRS 501c-3 Determination Letter
  • IRS Form 990 (accrual method of accounting only)
  • Financial Audit prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS) (must be for same fiscal period as IRS Form 990).
  • Detailed Description of Services for 15 or more states or 1 foreign country (National Members only).
  • Administrative and Fundraising  Rate explanation (for expenses exceeding 25%)
  • Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation
  • Listing of Board of Directors
  • Promotional statements including 25, 50 and one-page descriptions of services
  • Other documents may be required for participation of State and Local program

Please contact the Member and Campaign Services Department at (800) 458-9505 extension 4953; with any questions regarding membership.