Feed The Children Joins Charitable Effort to Help Syrian Refugees

Feed The Children has joined a group of 18 concerned non-governmental organizations to provide food and supplies to 12,000 Syrians fleeing from a brutal civil war. Two thirds of the recipients are women and children. 

As winter settles in throughout the region, many are not prepared to survive the bitterly cold conditions. Feed The Children, along with 17 other charities will provide kitchen kits, items to protect themselves from the winter (blankets, heaters, emergency lights, and more) hygiene kits, heating and cooking fuel, and temporary shelter through rent assistance.

This year, Feed The Children began responding to the crisis by supplying food through our partner United Armenian Fund, assisting more than 10,000 refugees who fled to Armenia.

“As the fighting continues, more and more Syrians are being forced to leave their homes in search of a safe place for their families,” said Kevin Hagan, Feed The Children President and CEO. “They are leaving with nothing but the clothes on their backs. These efforts will help affected families as they wait for the fighting to end so they can return to their homes.” 
The regions receiving assistance include Wadi al-Nasara, Tartous, Latakia and Yazdiya/Safti which are located in northwest Syria.

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Source: Feed The Children