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Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF)

Each contribution - no matter how small - helps TMCF provide critical educational support to low-income and first-generation students, to ensure that they can graduate from college and increase their lifetime earnings by an average of $1 million.

Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF)

Coronavirus Impact and Needs:

TMCF has had to cancel some of its event and in-person meetings. Click here to stay connected with TMCF and make a donation to sustain their ongoing operations and programs. 

Established in 1987 and named for the U.S. Supreme Court's first African-American Justice, TMCF is the only national organization representing America's 47 publicly-supported HBCUs, law schools and medical schools and the nearly 300,000 students attending them each year.  With TMCF member-schools educating approximately 80% of all students attending HBCUs, the organization's work is critical to guaranteeing our country a robust and diverse pipeline of talented workers and future leaders. 

TMCF achieves its vision of "Changing the World ... One Leader at a Time" by focusing on four areas: Scholarships; Member-School Capacity Building; Leadership Development & Career Preparation; and Public Policy & Advocacy. To date, TMCF has provided over $250 million in scholarships, programmatic and capacity building support to students and member schools.

TMCF is committed to providing access to higher education, college readiness and career preparation for the students attending its member schools, because TMCF institutions are a critical gateway to economic prosperity for low-income families and first generation college students.  TMCF member institutions continue to produce a significant portion of bachelor's degrees earned by minority students each year and greatly impact the nation's skilled workforce. 

  • Nearly 1-in-7 Bachelor's degrees earned by African-Americans were earned at TMCF-member schools
  • More than 23,000 students who attend TMCF-member schools are enrolled in Bachelor's STEM programs and enrollment in STEM disciplines has increased 57% in the past 20 years at TMCF-member schools
  • Over 2 million young people have graduated from TMCF-member schools
  • 55% of TMCF-member school graduates go on to enroll in professional and graduate schools
  • 97% of TMCF Scholars graduate from college (versus a 60% national average for all students and 41% average for African-American students)

TMCF's K-12 initiatives seek to create a college-ready pipeline of students for public HBCUs, ensure that those students get through college and earn a degree, and emerge from college with a career plan - either in graduate school or in a good job.  An investment in TMCF is an investment in America's young talented students.

Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF)

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