RHF Presents 2014 Friend of the Elderly Award to Meals on Wheels Association of America

Source: RHF

Senior hunger in America is a monumental problem.  The latest research reveals 8.8 million seniors in the United States face the threat of hunger.  Looking at the numbers, it is easy to become discouraged.  Looking at the people whom the numbers represent, however, impels the Meals on Wheels Association of America to develop their plan. 

All told, there are some 5,000 nutrition programs in the United States.  These programs provide well over one million meals to seniors who need them each day.  Some programs serve meals at congregate locations like senior centers, some programs deliver meals directly to the homes of seniors whose mobility is limited, and many programs provide both services.

While remarkable, the one million meals per day figure underestimates the size and shape of the Meals on Wheels network and its reach and influence in communities across America.  In addition to the hundreds of thousands of seniors who receive meals, there are many thousands of professionals employed at the various local senior nutrition programs across the U.S.  More notable than that is the virtual army of two million volunteers who also “work” for these programs.

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