Meals on Wheels adds pet food delivery

Meals On Wheels Association of America

By Sarah Jane Kyle

Meals on Wheels isn't just for humans anymore. The Fort Collins branch of the hot meal delivery service recently added pet food delivery to its array of programs to reach the homebound and transportation challenged.

Executive Director Cathy Sandoval said the new program seeks to support local seniors and allow them to keep companion animals, which can greatly her clients' quality of life. Only a handful of Meals on Wheels nationwide have programs for pets.

"Human beings do not thrive living in isolation," she said. "Having a loving animal in the home alleviates feelings of loneliness, and boosts overall well being."

Mary Scovel, 88, has been receiving Meals on Wheels lunches since 2007. Scovel said she struggles to get out to purchase food due to limited mobility, but still had to leave the house to get her cat, Thelma Lou, food. She recently started receiving wet and dry cat food through the food delivery program, which Scovel said has been a great help.

"I don't have to worry about my meals," she said. "It's nice that they started the pet program, because there have been times I've had to wait (to get Thelma Lou food). I've had cats all my life."

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