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Atlantic Hurricane Season Disaster Recovery Fund

America’s Charities Disaster Recovery Fund - Atlantic Hurricane Season

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The 2017 Hurricane season has become one of the most active seasons on record, with Hurricanes Irma and Harvey making direct hits on the U.S. mainland, as well as devastating Puerto Rico, the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, and Cuba. Hurricane Maria made a direct pass over the U.S. and British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico as a Category 5 storm, devastating the area for the second time in the span of ten days. Hurricane Jose made an indirect pass on the Carolinas and the northern seaboard as it swept back out to sea.

In response to the needs that will arise following these storms and others that may hit throughout the Atlantic hurricane season, this fund will focus on medium and long-term recovery needs in all geographic areas affected by this season’s Atlantic hurricanes. We expect the long-term needs to include: rebuilding homes, businesses, and infrastructure; meeting the needs of young children; and supporting mental health needs. 

You can support these long-term recovery efforts now by donating to America’s Charities Disaster Recovery Fund – Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Our Process:

As we collect donations through this fund, America's Charities will work with our partner, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP), to identify where the need is greatest and where your donations will have the most meaningful impact. CDP will assess the short and long-term needs of communities in all the geographic areas affected by this season's Atlantic hurricanes and will identify the appropriate nonprofits who should receive the donations based on their response efforts. After 90 days of collecting donations through this fund, America’s Charities will process and distribute the funds in compliance with the CDP’s recommendation. And we'll make sure you know just how important and powerful your donation dollars are being used. 90 cents of every dollar donated will go directly to the nonprofits who are serving the long-term needs of the community. Of the remaining 10 cents, five cents will go to America’s Charities for funds management and processing, donor stewardship including tax receipting, donor acknowledgements, providing impact reports and more, and five cents will go to CDP for their in-depth research and nonprofit relationship management.

Guided by thoughtful disaster analysis, each dollar you donate will be used to its full potential. Through strategic disaster giving, you will help communities recover and rebuild for many generations to come.  

What are you waiting for? Give today and start making a long-term impact.

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