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PHILLIPS Programs for Children and Families

$100 provides utilities payments, groceries, prescription medications, and medical bills for our families who struggle to maintain long term housing. 

PHILLIPS Programs for Children and Families

PHILLIPS Programs is a private, nonprofit organization serving over 500 children annually and their families in the Washington DC metropolitan area. PHILLIPS serves the needs of individuals with emotional and behavioral health needs and their families through education, family support services, community education and advocacy. For 51 years, PHILLIPS has helped children where others could not- to prepare them to reach their potential and become, productive young adults. 

PHILLIPS Programs operates four schools, provides career and technical education programs through Career Partners, and offers home based family services.  
PHILLIPS’ mission is to enable and empower our youth, clients and their families to develop to their maximum potential in their home, school and community. The organization’s philosophy supports effective client-focused services, teamwork among high-quality staff and a supportive community, encouraging respect, integrity, perseverance and innovation. It is often difficult to describe the severity and complexity of issues confronted by the students’ serviced by PHILLIPS. 

All youth served by PHILLIPS Programs were in some type of crisis in their previous school placement. This crisis is compounded by the fact that 82% of the students subsist below the federal poverty line. To adequately provide for students with varied and intense special needs, a program must have a wide array of educational services available to wrap around each unique student in a complete yet flexible manner. PHILLIPS builds individualized supports around youth rather than having youth fit into a program.