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Latino Youth Arts Fund

$500 helps LULAC National Service Centers, Inc., provide a scholarship to Latino under-served students across the U.S., enabling LNESC to create lifelong learners and leaders within the Latino community. 

Latino Youth Arts Education Fund (LULAC National Educational Service Centers, Inc.)

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LNESC's mission is to educate and prepare America's future workforce through intensive educational programming and leadership development training. Our unified network reaches out into some of the nation's most disadvantaged neighborhoods and helps promising young students navigate the complicated channels that lead to academic success. Since 1973, LNESC has grown to become the leading provider of educational opportunities for Latinos in America; awarding over 1,000 scholarships annually through the LULAC National Scholarship Fund and assisting nearly 565,000 students to enroll in the college of their choice. LNESC has awarded over $27 million in scholarships since 1976. Over 46 years, LNESC has adapted to meet the growing need of the Latino population and the challenge of preparing a workforce that is increasingly dependent on technology.     

While building on a model that makes use of the Latino community's rich cultural heritage and sense of family, LNESC is empowering Hispanic students and their families with the message that they can succeed at the highest levels of education and in the workforce through a range of programs aimed at eliminating the barriers to success.     

LNESC's core of educational and leadership programs including the Upward Bound program, Talent Search program, the LULAC National Scholarship Fund, Science Corps, the Washington Youth Leadership Seminar, and Young Readers continue to deal with the underlying obstacles that become deterrents to student success in college and the workplace. LNESC works tirelessly to address the needs of the Latino community and is always innovating to provide high-quality educational programs to disadvantaged students across the US and Puerto Rico.