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Preventing homelessness by helping people find work while providing for them materially and spiritually.

Christian HELP Foundation

Christian HELP believes that the road out of poverty is in helping those who are unemployed or underemployed find sustainable work, and in order for people to become self-sufficient, they must first learn how. Our hand-up approach coupled with the sincere desire to see people succeed, has proven successful in turning around many lives. We have connected over 120,000 people with jobs in the last 25 years. 

Each unemployed person who comes to us for help completes a skills profile. The Christian HELP Care Manager uses this, along with the person's resume and a personal interview, to determine what the person is best suited to do. The counselor then reviews open jobs requiring the job seekers skills and discusses the job openings with the seeker. Both job profiles and potential employee profiles are on the computer so either can be pulled up by the skills sought. When a new job lead is received, available candidates can be quickly found and notified of the opening. We are committed to working with a job seeker as long as it takes if they are participating in the process. 

Our approach is also very relational as we treat each person as the individual that they are, listening to their situation and being empathetic to their circumstances. While we have much success in the practical, we are well-known for our encouraging and caring approach and it is that, that makes us so unique in the job search market. No one else in Central Florida is working with clients in the relational way we are, specializing in employment, and with the success we've had. It is our methodology that outshines even all of the coaching we impart. People need to know they have an advocate, a support system, as they go through their search for work. Having someone that believes in them and encourages them while keeping them accountable is often the key to their success. Many times over we have heard, “I don't know that I would have done without you.", or "You saved my life.", or "Thank you, I almost couldn't go on and then you called me."

In addition to our one-on-one approach, we host 6 major job fairs per year that provide a direct connect to employers, we host our own online job board, employment seminars, and mock interview sessions. 

The material support we provide job seekers is in the way of a well-stocked food pantry that provides a wide variety of food so that families are not going without while they look for work and a way to provide for themselves. Our pantry distributes over half a million pounds of food every year. This material assistance continues for 3 months after a job seeker is employed.

We also provide a holiday shopping experience in December so that the children of job seekers will not go without. Parents may come and shop for toys and gifts for their children and teens and also receive a "holiday meal" in addition to their usual supply of groceries.

Additionally, we have access to many resource that we make available to clients seeking a better future through employment. We work with each job seeker to determine what needs exists and how we can help to meet them such as; 
interview clothing, furniture, eyeglasses, hearing aids, health and wellness services, bill pay, etc. 

Candidates is our Internet site, Two to three thousand local candidates are available for a search by job title. An increasing number of employers are posting job openings for potential employees to view. CFEC Central Florida Employment Council brings 500 employers together with Christian HELP and other employment nonprofits to facilitate the placement of unemployed clients. It also organizes the largest job fairs in Central Florida, including the Governor's and the Mayor's Job Fair. Its monthly meetings bring recruiters together to discuss employment issues. Networking- The best way to get a job is to have help. By networking together the unemployed help each other find jobs and encourage each other. Additionally, we have a huge community wide Christmas program to help those who are unable to provide Christmas for their children. We believe that Christmas should be a time of joy, and not stress in the lives of our clients and their families.