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Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI)

Through strategic programs, CE International promotes innovative solutions to education challenges and inspire action to create positive, sustainable futures for children and youth worldwide.

Childhood Education International (CEI)

Childhood Education International promotes innovative solutions to education challenges and inspires action that creates positive, sustainable futures for children and youth worldwide. We believe that children’s education is deeply intertwined with issues such as equality, justice, and human rights and that education is one of the most effective ways to support social and economic progress.

CE International, formerly the Association for Childhood Education International, or ACEI, has been in operation since 1892. We have an esteemed history that covers 127 years, providing our organization with a great deal of knowledge, understanding, and perspective about children’s education worldwide.

We work at the intersection of education, child development, and international development—the actions that build, grow, and strengthen communities and nations. We work through three strategic programs: Center for Education Diplomacy and Leadership, Global Schools First, and Innovation Exchange. 

Education Diplomacy is the key to tackling challenges such as poverty, gender equality, and health access by working across sectors, organizations, and even borders to overcome the challenges together. CE International’s innovative “5L Education Diplomacy Framework” offers valuable guidance for creating mutual understanding, cultivating collaboration, negotiating agreement, shaping consensus, and developing beneficial and innovative solutions for lasting change. The training provides the skills and tools to creatively solve problems and work cooperatively with multiple stakeholders at local, national, and international levels. 

Childhood Education International’s Global Schools First (GSF) program provides a guided opportunity for primary (elementary) schools to assess their progress towards embedding global citizenship education into the entire educational experience. Using the GSF assessment framework, school leaders and teachers can foster critical skills and knowledge that children need to be successful in today’s complex and increasingly connected world. As schools reach key milestones they are recognized and celebrated by the Global Schools First community.  

Childhood Education International is committed to knowledge sharing, through our Innovation Exchange, website and publications, about new and creative solutions to common education challenges. We provide updates on innovative strategies that help education transform lives and futures. Our publications cover a wide array of educational topics —such as classroom strategies, teaching techniques, school design, or education technology. We are committed to being an educator’s primary resource for exploring innovative initiatives and ideas in education.