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Breast Care for Washington

Breast Care for Washington was founded in 2012 as a community centered breast cancer screening organization to enhance access to mammography and follow up care among medically underserved women in the Washington DC area.  Our Mission is to reduce breast cancer mortality by promoting access to breast cancer screening, diagnostics and treatment to all women regardless of their ability to pay.  We are located in Ward 8 of the District of Columbia, east of the Anacostia River where the incidence and mortality rate from breast cancer is among the highest in the nation, though we have no geographic restrictions on who we serve.  We provide screening & diagnostic mammography using state of the art 3D technology, breast ultrasounds, minimally invasive biopsies, patient navigation, and care coordination all at our facility.  Since we opened in May 2014 Breast Care for Washington has been making an impact on women's breast health in the community.  Over 30% of our patients come to us with no insurance and many have been turned away from other medical facilities.  We are passionate about our mission of ensuring access to high quality breast care to any woman.

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