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Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI)

Access to a quality education will prepare children to become responsible and engaged citizens, ready for life in a changing world.

Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI)

ACEI believes in the right to education for all children and places an emphasis on ensuring that its initiatives and programs address the issues and needs of the most fragile and vulnerable children. ACEI has a global reach to 50,000 education professionals around the world. These include teachers, education leaders, education professionals in NGOs and in academia, and education advocates. In addition, ACEI has country liaisons in 50 countries. Approximately 70% of our audience resides in the Global South and developing nations.

Our programs include:

Center for Education Diplomacy

The Center for Education Diplomacy is the first and only initiative to develop and promote Education Diplomacy, which uses the skills of diplomacy to build effective cooperation across sectors and among diverse actors to solve education challenges and advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda. The Center provides courses, trainings, and events on Education Diplomacy skills to Education Ministry officials and school leaders across the globe.

Global Schools First

Global Schools First is a whole- school assessment framework that looks at the integration of global citizenship education in primary schools around the world. The early years of a child’s life is a critical time to begin fostering competencies and knowledge that children need to be successful in today’s world complex and increasingly interconnected world, helping children learning to build relationships and live together with mutual respect and understanding.

Innovation Exchange

The Innovation Exchange initiative promotes transformative solutions that meet the needs and challenges of our world. Through our publications, Journal of Research in Childhood Education, Childhood Education: Innovations, and Childhood Explorer, we share innovative trends, ideas, and practices inspiring educators, and education advocates around the world.