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Alzheimer's and Aging Research Center

Supports research dedicated to understanding Alzheimer's and to finding effective Alzheimer's treatments. Your contribution funds scientists searching for cures for Alzheimer's and aging related conditions.

Alzheimer's and Aging Research Center

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Alzheimer's and Aging Research Center is dedicated to the support of research directed towards the discovery and development of innovative methods to treat and possibly cure Alzheimer's and aging-related diseases. We provide funding for biomedical research and support for scientists to educate their peers and participate in scientific collaborations. This support provides scientists with necessary lab equipment and supplies, and allows them to establish and maintain relationships with other research scientists throughout the world to collaborate and share scientific results. In addition, the Alzheimer's and Aging Research Center educates the public and increases public awareness of Alzheimer's and aging related conditions by publishing newsletters and scientific reports, by supporting scientists in their attendance and participation at scientific conferences, by maintaining a website, and by providing other related information to the public at their request.

Alzheimer's and Aging Research Center

11350 SW Village Parkway
Port St. Lucie, FL 34987