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Today, more and more employers are re-examining their workplace charitable giving drives. With a goal of strengthening their support of local and national charity initiatives, enhancing employee relations, building campaign satisfaction, and delivering the highest percentage of employee gifts to charities, companies are examining how corporate philanthropy, including the workplace campaign, fits into their overall business and community strategy.


More than ever before, companies understand that it’s important to eliminate even the perception of negative pressure to give. Also, the company wants to give its employees more ownership of a major workplace activity. And, companies know, the campaign needs to represent the diverse interests of employees and their families.


America’s Charities helps employers address these needs. We help employers position their campaigns as part of their community outreach by integrating workplace giving as a complement to other programs, such as volunteer outreach, clothing and food drives, community activism, and others. We help employers brand their workplace giving campaigns, extending existing internal or external community relations brands, or creating new brands specifically for the campaign, onto which other outreach could be added.