Member Services

America's Charities is a highly diverse, inclusive group of national and local charities providing hands-on services to millions of people in communities throughout the nation. In support of our members, America's Charities offers an array of benefits.

The America's Charities' Family of Federations (America's Charities) are membership-based federations offering charities participation in workplace giving campaigns such as the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), as well as many State and Local Government campaigns and campaigns within private sector corporations, such as Hewlett Packard, Dell Computers, and Exxon Mobil.

Marketing Strategy

Creating and delivering programs that listen to and speak to the concerns of our donors, as well as cut through the clutter of messages appealing for action and help.


Helping member organizations and corporate volunteers benefit from greater employee engagement in workplace giving campaign; more fully understand and comply with federal, state and local regulations governing these campaigns; and track recent trends in corporate and individual philanthropy

Application Services

Assistance to ensure accurate completion of members' applications for participation in workplace giving programs, submission of applications for members, and completion of any necessary appeals.

Fiscal Services

Collection and distribution of pledge data and funds to member charities in an efficient and effective manner.

Campaign Assistance and Promotion

Liaison with employer-based campaigns, companies and donors in order to expand the pool of funds potentially available to our member charities. Also, publicizing the services of member charities to potential donors in the workplace.