Media Kit

America's Charities Logos

America’s Charities is driven by a clear purpose: Help you help others. Working together in a collaborative approach is essential to achieving our mission and vision in everything we do. This applies to our business development, charity partnerships and donor relations.

We have developed our brand identity program and will carry this tone, look and feel across all our marketing and communications activities. The guidelines we have will help us work together to build consistent communications targeted to all key audiences and in all communities where we work. Together, we can transform philanthropy and engage more employees in actively supporting their favorite charities in the most efficient, effective and impactful manner possible.

If you would like to request the use of America’s Charities logo on electronic, video or print materials, please contact someone in our Marketing Department for more information:

Lynne Filderman (
Tamara Bibby (
Jeff Brown (
Sarah Ford (
Phone: 1-800-485-9505