At America's Charities, our Board of Directors, staff and volunteers are committed to operating with the highest standards of accountability, transparency and ethics. We realize that if we are to be successful in expanding philanthropy for all, then we must adhere every day to our mission, vision and core values.


America’s Charities mission is to grow philanthropy by generating unrestricted, renewable and sustainable financial support for our member charities primarily through employee workplace giving campaigns.  


America’s Charities was created in 1980 to serve a group of national charities by helping them gain access to and participate in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), the Federal government’s employee workplace giving program. Our vision has evolved throughout our 30+ year history, but still rests with a primary focus of serving our member charities by expanding their participation in employee workplace giving campaigns.

This mission and vision cannot be achieved without meeting the needs of employers and employees, the key gatekeepers in workplace giving. Today, while our core vision of service to our member charities remains, we must also meet the needs and expectations of three different “customers:”

  1. Executives responsible for workplace giving and employee engagement efforts who need the best easy-to-use services, technology and expertise to support their work;
  2. Employees (current and prospective donors) who want the easiest and most efficient and effective tools to research charities, select their favorite causes, and be certain that their dollars are used according to their instructions; and
  3. Charities that want to actively participate in public and private sector employee giving campaigns.

Every year, America’s Charities processes tens of thousands of charitable pledges from individual donors and reports from around the country. We then disburse those funds to our member organizations as well as to a wide range of charities at the local, national, and international levels designated by the contributors. America’s Charities state-of-the-art fund distribution system is transparent, accountable and includes safeguards ensuring that funds are distributed only to bona fide 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organizations as requested by the donor.


Culture of Collaboration and Excellence:

By passionately working together with all stakeholders, we challenge each other to achieve the highest levels of professional excellence.

Dedication to Diversity and Integrity:

Embracing diversity and delivering the utmost value to our stakeholders, we believe integrity is the foundation of our individual and collective actions that drives an organization of which we are proud.

Commitment to Engagement and Connectivity:

With an innovative and empowering spirit, we engage all stakeholders, and the greater society at large, through solutions and ideas that shape social responsibility trends and advance sustainable, effective philanthropy. 

Internal and External Oversight

The Directors who serve and oversee America’s Charities help to develop and advance the interests of our donors in ways that go beyond just raising money. For our Board of Directors, good governance is more than just supporting the organization – it also means representing the community’s interests in what we do. As such, the members of our Board of Directors have three fundamental legal obligations, or fiduciary duties, which apply to everything America’s Charities does.

  • Duty of Care: “the amount of care that an ordinarily prudent person would exercise in a like position and under similar circumstances”. This describes the criteria our Directors must give to making decisions on behalf of America’s Charities.
  • Duty of Loyalty: keeping the interests of America’s Charities in mind at all times when making decisions on behalf of the organization.
  • Duty of Obedience: requires board members to be faithful to our mission; consistent with the mission statement, Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, and tax-exemption documentation.

Working in partnership with the professional staff, the Directors also cooperate with key legal bodies and various independent organizations that evaluate charities base ratings on a number of factors, not the least of which is an organization’s degree of accountability and transparency.

The Directors and staff at America’s Charities take seriously our responsibility to be accountable, transparent and responsive to the needs of our donors. That's why we have created this web-page as a convenient, comprehensive source of critical information that donors need to make informed giving decisions.

Organizational Information

Legally Incorporated: Each federation is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia or the District of Columbia. Here are links to the original or amended by-laws and articles of incorporation for each federation:

America's Charities By-laws and Articles of Incorporation as amended May 23, 2012
Children First By-laws and Articles of Incorporation
Health First By Laws and Articles of Incorporation
Community First By-laws and Articles of Incorporation

Tax Exempt: America's Charities and its family of federations are recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as tax-exempt organizations. Here are the IRS Determination letters for America's Charities, Children First, Health First and Community First.

Volunteer Governance: Here is a link to the list of our volunteer-run Board of Directors that provides internal oversight to the organization.

Professionally Staffed: Here is a link to the list of our key employees.

Independently Audited: Here is a link to the most recent audited financial statements by McGladrey (Consolidated Financial Report: December 31, 2012), a link to the 2011 audited financial statements, and a link to the 2010 audited financial statements.

IRS Verified: Here is a link to the latest copy of America's Charities IRS Form 990. America's Charities and each of our federations are listed in IRS Publication 78 and the IRS database of exempt-organizations. Our other three independent federations also file a Form 990 with the IRS.

Here are links to the forms for America's Charities and each of our federations:

America's Charities Form 990:   2010  |  2011 2012

Children First Form 990:  2010  |  2011 2012

Health First Form 990:  2010  |  2011 2012

Community First of Greater Washington, D.C. Form 990:  2010  |  2011 2012

Stewardship Publicly Reported: America's Charities publishes an annual report of activities for each of our federations, along with a consolidated Annual Report for 2010, 2011 and 2012.

To view the annual report for each federation, please click below:

Privacy Respected: America’s Charities honors the rights and privacy of our donors. We do not sell or trade donors’ personal information to any other entity. Donors are recognized in the organization’s annual report to the community. Donors wishing to remain anonymous should notify America’s Charities at the time a gift is made. In addition to this, the web-page privacy statement can be found at the bottom of every page.